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Carol Wilkins Designs

You have a little ‘wild side’ in you, don’t you?

You like to express that. Maybe your style is a bit funky, yet simple and uncluttered. Maybe you want that one piece of jewelry you are wearing to make a statement. You want the world to know you are here, independent and strong.

I get it.

I’m Carol of Carol Wilkins Designs. I understand what it’s like to feel the need to express yourself. To have a confidence that allows you to be you, without screaming it to the world. It comes from a place down deep inside.

I was quite shy as a child. My inspiration was my grandmother. To me, she was ‘larger than life’ and could do anything; all the while being this sweet woman who sincerely cared about what was going on with me. Eventually, I've grown out of most of my shyness.

Later in life, I experienced a deep, personal tragedy. My memories of my grandmother helped me find my voice, that inner strength I got from her, all those years ago. While I’m still a bit shy and a bit of an introvert, I have a confidence that wasn’t there before. My designs reflect this.

Where would you be without the women in your life? All women belong to this special sisterhood and those bonds need to be cherished. As I have grown into the woman I am today, I have incorporated this celebration into my designs. Each piece is fashioned to honor the strength in you, as well as your own unique, artistic expression.

Go ahead, take a look. You might find your own individual statement in one of my simple, yet bold designs.

Warm wishes,


**It's really important to me to give back. It’s my desire to help and encourage girls to realize their full potential to become the strong, independent women we all are today. I will donate a portion of my sales each year to an organization that supports girls. I would love your suggestions!